Build Custom Zapier Integrations For Any API.

Zapier has an impressive catalog of supported apps and workflows for automation. However, I still regularly run into use cases where either the app is not supported or some of the API capabilities are missing. For this I use the Zapier Visual Builder to create my own App Zaps.

Want to learn how to create custom Zaps using any Apps API?

Take the course Zapier Visual Builder - How to survive if Zapier doesn’t have your favorite App workflows

  • Learn about APIs and how they work

  • Learn to use Postman to test APIs

  • Learn to develop custom integrations using the Zapier Visual Builder

  • Use their custom built Zaps to build workflows

Need help integrating your API with Zapier?

  1. Introduce the App
    You provide an introduction to your APP and a link to the API documentation. If you don't have an API yet, you should start with it first then come back to us.

  2. We process your request
    We review the requirements and create an estimate for the project..

  3. We build the Zapier components for your App
    Once the estimate is approved we begin building the Triggers actions and Searches for your App in Zapier

  4. We deliver your App as Zapier Zaps
    When the app is fully working, we'll install it on your Zapier account with the full source code.

  5. We help facilitate the Zapier approval process
    if you choose to make the App public to all Zapier users, we guide you through the Zapier approval process

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